About Us


We believe in pushing the limits of what humans can do. We are here to team up with you and build and market innovative products that will change people's lives. We exist for your victory.


We communicate with the users and stakeholders to identify and analyze the problem and come up with a strategy to solve that problem. We build-test-launch that solution. We learn from the users and adopt new changes to the solution.


We do Outstanding Web and Mobile App Development, Design, Emerging Tech, and Digital Marketing.

Victory Process

Fatah Digital teams up with purpose-driven organizations. We do whatever it takes to push the limits and move the needle. The road is rough and full of obstacles, but together we can walk the road with patience and persistence to achieve victory. We have developed an adaptive framework for victory.






BTD - Build Test Deploy


Track and Evaluate


"Fatah Digital is a great company, and these guys are awesome coders and designers. I worked with them a few times and will come back to them whenever I have a new project. Thanks for the great service you are providing. Highly recommended company!"

Narine Grigoryan

Recruitment Assistant at InnerSquare

"Faizan is a solid businessman and Jekyll wizard. He has delivered a great website for me and I really enjoyed working with him. Good communication made our project easy."

Gijs van Klooster

Musci Producer at The RedHouse

"I wanted to convert a Wordpress website to Jekyll and Faizan did a great job. Although the first version he did was a bit different from what I expected, he was a 100% willing to edit things so they fit what I had in mind, and showed a lot of understanding when dealing with specifics which we had better defined at the beginning, but did not."

Tomas Saieg

Development Engineer at Ciudadluz

"Praiseworthy qualities of Team Fatah are Patience, Attention, Adaptability, and Clear Communication. They picked up a new technology really quickly and delivered what I had in my mind."

Craig Tong

Owner at Sun Web Systems

"Very responsive and share. Quickly understand the requirements and provides great solutions. Overall a great source for website development services. Highly Recommended."

Puya Kiani

Co-founder at Activus

"Pleasure working with you guys, knowledgeable and very quick service. They completed my task in a timely manner. Looking forward to keeping you in my contacts."

Max Rogers

iOS Dev at YinzCam INC.

"My experience of working with them was outstanding. The project was a little delayed but I am completely satisfied with the final results."

Salim Virani

Founder of Source Institute

"Really quick in coming up with the solutions. I can rely on Team Fatah if I face any problems on my website in future."

Joshua Rosenberg

Prof. at University of Tennesee Knoxville

Our Clients

PwC - PricewaterhouseCoopers
Telus Digital
The Spectator UK
IBSE - IIT Madras
Thread Learning
Couples Resorts UK
Swabian Instruments
Baadal Enterprise
IIT Madras
State Bank Of India SBI
The United Nations Logo Emblem
Consent Preferences